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Zoom-A-Zoom-Zoom at March Madness 2013

Zoom-A-Zoom-Zoom at March Madness 2013

Nothin’ but zoomy jumps in Keith Creedy‘s latest edit from March Madness 2013 at Skydive Sebastian. After watching this, all I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom. One of my all-time fave videos from Keith is “Enter The Jumper” — it’s hilarious! Watch Video »
Friday Freakout: Skydiver Hits Head HARD On Plane!

Friday Freakout: Skydiver Hits Head HARD On Plane!

The skyvan was flying at the Invasion 2012, and this is a good example of how NOT to exit said aircraft. We call it “jumping” for a reason… because we’re jumping out of planes, not casually stepping out of them. Despite how bad this looks/sounds, luckily he was wearing a helmet and he landed safely... Watch Video »
ILS Presents: The Invasion 2012

ILS Presents: The Invasion 2012

Hot off the press, here’s our take on Skydive Sebastian’s Invasion 2012. Trust me, this is definitely HOT! Brad Womack is the man with the plan behind this edit, and huge thanks to everyone who gave us footage — Luis “Basil” Prinetto, Lawrence De Laubedere, Selwyn Facey, Konstantine Petrijcuks, Scotty Burns, and Will Welbon. I... Watch Video »
#INVASIONweek Day 8: Celebrating 1,000 Skydives!

#INVASIONweek Day 8: Celebrating 1,000 Skydives!

This edit is the last of the home baked goodies that Keith Creedy and Melissa Garcia made at the Invasion 2012. Check out Day 8, the final day of the boogie, with some awesome flying and visuals. Not to mention Ari and Ryan giving us some solid dirt-diving tips in the mockup, and Alex Bittner... Watch Video »
#INVASIONweek Day 5: Skydivers Invade The Sky. And Bloopers.

#INVASIONweek Day 5: Skydivers Invade The Sky. And...

This is one of my fave videos from Skydive Sebastian’s Invasion 2012 (my all-time fave video from the boogie is Enter The Jumper, of course). Here are highlights from Day 5, with an appearance from Luis “Basil” Prinetto and a solid set of bloopers at the end. #INVASIONweek continues… Watch Video »
#INVASIONweek: Memorable Moments At Skydive Sebastian

#INVASIONweek: Memorable Moments At Skydive Sebast...

It’s hard not to have fun at the Invasion, and this edit by David Farmer has fun written all over it. I love the tattoo quote at 2:28, “Fear is the thief of dreams.” Have you ever been to Skydive Sebastian’s Invasion? If so, what was your most memorable moment? Watch Video »
Enter The Jumper: Freefly vs. Wingsuit - #INVASIONweek

Enter The Jumper: Freefly vs. Wingsuit - #INVASION...

LMAO. This is what happens when freeflyers and wingsuiters collide… literally. This brilliant short is brought to you by an equally brilliant short man, Keith Creedy. Love your work buddy! Watch Video »
#INVASIONweek: Skydiving Whale + Women's Vertical Record

#INVASIONweek: Skydiving Whale + Women's Vertical ...

While training for the upcoming women’s freefly world record, a new women’s vertical Florida state record was set at Skydive Sebastian during the Invasion 2012. These highlights from Day 3 have it all, but you’ll want to stick around ’til the end to catch the skydiving inflatable whale (have you seen the inflatable pecker yet?),... Watch Video »
#INVASIONweek: Skydive Sebastian's Invasion 2012 - Day 2

#INVASIONweek: Skydive Sebastian's Invasion 2012 -...

Are you ready for an Invasion marathon? ILS presents our “Invasion Week” series, where we’ll be featuring the best videos from one of the best boogies of the year — Skydive Sebastian’s Invasion 2012. With a legitimate weather hold on Day 1 due to high winds, here are the highlights from Day 2, including Simon... Watch Video »