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Creating Perfection: Antigravity XP Dynamic Freefly Champions

Creating Perfection: Antigravity XP Dynamic Freefl...

A behind the scenes look at Antigravity XP and what it takes to create a winning routine that brings home victory from Voss Valhalla 2013. This story by Keith Creedy of Human Flight Media tells it all, and if you want to fly like these guys, you should definitely check out the Antigravity XP dynamic... Watch Video »
The Antigravity Machine

The Antigravity Machine

So here’s the deal: it’s starting to feel like EVERYONE can do this in the tunnel. Well, not quite everyone. But I mean, these guys — Antigravity XP, a vertical formation skydiving (VFS) team — make this look so easy. Every tunnel video I’ve posted lately is just super sick ninja shit and it makes... Watch Video »