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ProBASE World Cup: Double Gainer Off 774ft. Building

ProBASE World Cup: Double Gainer Off 774ft. Buildi...

A short but sweet edit of Matt K hucking a double gainer off the Sapphire Building during the ProBASE World Cup in Instanbul, Turkey. A little rough on the landing, but whatever, that’ll do :) Watch Video »
Hilarious Water-Landing-With-Mustaches Accuracy Contest

Hilarious Water-Landing-With-Mustaches Accuracy Co...

Ever wished you could wear a Speedo and chug beer to get bonus points in a contest? Or rock a mustache and swoop through giant bowling pins? Now add a 170 foot cliff and a kiddie pool filled with beer (or water), and voilĂ … you have the 2011 Water Landing with Mustaches Accuracy Contest at... Watch Video »